A general overview of how to fix some things in the layout.

  • Having the channels in a scroll area as opposed to a tabbed area allows for there to not be a limit on number of channels in one network. Tabs bunch up when there are too many channels.
  • The people area should have it’s own space. This allows for better visibility of who is in the room when there are a lot of people connected. It also adds focus to the area instead of it just being a general module. Knowing who is in the room is a pretty important feature and should not be lumped into the same category as a module.
  • The module area is for tools that are available to the room. I could imagine all kinds of tools that could go on this “toolbelt”.
  • The chat area has not changed at all except for a slight reduction in it’s width.

An overview of the module / “toolbelt” area.

Having module icons in a tool area is compact and allows for more freedom when making potential future modules.

The People area

The people area is basically the same except that it gets it’s own area. I also think there should be a small area under the name dedicated to any data that needs to be displayed such as status.

The Channels area

The channels area is basically just a list of available channels. I didn’t include a channel delete button anywhere because I think that the admin should be the only one to create and delete channels. I think this is important because a troll could potentially get in and delete all the channels. You could also figure out how to not let trolls in.

Other Suggestions

  • I think that the the sound and notifications should be set under the user settings.
  • The area for the logo should be a little bit bigger. People like to brand the tools they use.
  • I think that the twitter bootstrap default styles should not be changed. People should be able to make skins/themes.
  • An upload media button would be cool sitting right next to the submit button in the chat box.