Today We’d like to introduce you to Kandan an Open Source alternative to HipChat.

What is Kandan? Kandan is a private chat service for your company or team. You can invite colleagues to share ideas and files in a persistent group chat room or rooms.

Unlike HipChat or other alternatives, Kandan is completely Open Source and can be hosted internally or externally by your organization or by a third party.


Kandan was originally developed by Cloudfuji and they started development on it back on March 6th of 2012. Development went pretty fast and furious until about June 4th of 2012. After that there wasn’t another commit to the repository until some pull requests came in during the month of January of 2013.

In talking with the team at Cloudfuji both James Gifford and Tony Guntharp agreed to take over maintenance of the project.


These are features that work out of the box on any provider:

  • Easy deploy to CloudFoundry, Heroku, dotCloud, etc.
  • Collaborative team chat
  • Unlimited channels
  • Embed formats for images and youtube videos with requests for others (twitter, facebook, g+, etc.)
  • Synchronized sound player - play any audio-tag compatible url for the whole channel (Pending :P)
  • /me command!
  • Highly extensible plugin format

Get Involved

Since Kandan is a fully open-source app, we would appreciate if you dive in and start adding features, fixing bugs (what bugs?), and cleaning up the code.

Make sure you check out these resources as well.

You can also email us at


We’re targetting a 1.0 release in just about two weeks time which will primarily consist of bug fixes. After that release we plan on doing regular minor releases that add new features so if there’s anything you want to see in newer versions please create an Issue.